Can You Ever Forgive Me?

“Combination of dark comedy and drama builds on the narrative’s stranger-than-fiction premise.”

Beautiful Boy

“An insightful and uplifting father-son story where unconditional love is the real star of the film.”


“Director Lorena Villarreal slaps together a bunch of sci-fi gibberish and hopes for the best.”


“Spiritual successor to Larry Clark’s controversial 1995 indie ‘Kids,’ although not nearly as provocative.”

The Oath

“Might lose focus during the second half of the movie, but lands a good amount of solid gut punches.”

The Hate U Give

“A gut-wrenching wake-up call to an American society pleading with its citizens to stop the cycle of violence.”

The Old Man & the Gun

“It becomes more than just a biopic about an aging outlaw. It’s a tribute to Robert Redford.”

First Man

“A commendable technical achievement. Director Damien Chazelle is at the top of his game.”


“The weird desire to turn the inky black monster into a do-gooder…blunts the whole thing from the start.”


“Keira Knightley’s latest foray into the late 19th century isn’t as effective as her prior period pieces.”

The Children Act

“A major opportunity is missed when the script chooses to take a clumsy route…when it hits the homestretch.”

Pick of the Litter

“A wonderful testament to the services provided by GDB. Certainly deserves its fair share of tummy rubs.”