First Reformed

“One man’s spiritual and political resurrection from the darkest corners of his consciousness.”

Ted 2

“Shines when sticking to the humor, which is just as gross as you would expect from Seth McFarlane.”

While We’re Young

“Nearly every second, plotline or joke is way too on the nose to register as funny, biting, or profound.”


“Some inspired casting decisions were made giving it just enough stamina to see it through.”


“Unsuccessful at capturing the emotions of the entire story thanks to a static storyline.”

Red Riding Hood

“Piles on the dreadful dialogue and unconvincing romance like salad-bar fixings.”

Letters to Juliet

“Redgrave carries her own, but the film fails to inject any romance into the subplots.”


“Cumbersome…shifts back and forth from tasteful to tawdry without much explanation.”

Dear John

“Plays the sympathy card for the final half-hour and unfortunately turn the film into a mess.”

Jennifer’s Body

“It’s going for campy, but there’s really nothing too hilarious or scary to make it memorable.”

Mamma Mia!

“It takes a while to warm up to the characters as they sing and flutter about.”