Light of My Life

“Casey Affleck’s ability to keep the nervous, albeit silent, energy consistent is an impressive feat.”

The Old Man & the Gun

“It becomes more than just a biopic about an aging outlaw. It’s a tribute to Robert Redford.”

Manchester by the Sea

“There’s a certain pain in Casey Affleck’s face that is visible in almost every scene.”

Triple 9

“A somewhat Byzantine cat-and-cat-and-mouse-and-more-cats-and-other-cats-dressed-as-mice game.”

The Finest Hours

“Poorly written. It feels excruciatingly long and each scene is more tedious than the last.”

Out of the Furnace

“Lack of a narrative focus is one of the reasons the film fails from a storytelling perspective.”

Tower Heist

“Has it’s moments with a solid cast, but is still a poor man’s version of ‘Ocean’s 11.'”

The Killer Inside Me

“Flaunts its ability to disturb, which makes it seem more desperate than anything.”