Call Me By Your Name

“Their connection is powerful. The relationship feels less like a summer fling and more like two souls uniting.”

The Killing of a Sacred Deer

“One of the purest forms of an artist distilling his singular vision into a unique movie going experience.”

Battle of the Sexes

“More interested in telling a lustful love story than it is talking about equality, gender gaps or even tennis.”


“A very humanistic story about not just the strive for excellence, but breaking cycles.”


“Nolan has created nothing less than a cinematic marvel…visually breathtaking, ambitious and stirring.”

It Comes at Night

“[Director] Shults has created a thriller full of mystery, intrigue and slow-burning intensity.”


“Early parts of the film feature some true greatness…but punches itself out and staggers to the finish.”

Their Finest

“Isn’t quite the strong female-empowerment movie it wants to be, but it is well-performed.”


“It’s a tough nut to crack, [but] it’s harrowing and challenging; well performed and well written.”

Manchester by the Sea

“There’s a certain pain in Casey Affleck’s face that is visible in almost every scene.”