“Regrettably, ‘Widows’ forgets that it is – first and foremost – supposed to be a believable heist flick.”

The Killing of a Sacred Deer

“One of the purest forms of an artist distilling his singular vision into a unique movie going experience.”

The Beguiled

“Compelling storytelling. A horrifying look into the complex intricacies of human nature.”


“Unsuccessful at capturing the emotions of the entire story thanks to a static storyline.”

Dead Man Down

“It’s unfortunate Oplev’s foray into the American film industry had to start with such a whimper.”

Seven Psychopaths

“Great chemistry…A unique, unapologetic, filthy and darkly funny movie experience.”

Total Recall

“A dull sci-fi slog…Implant a positive memory and watch the original version on DVD instead.”

Crazy Heart

“Jeff Bridges knows no bounds when providing us with his subtle and sensitive character.”

Pride and Glory

“Director Gavin O’Connor’s stock answer for the crime-drama genre.”