Ari Aster – Midsommar

“If it was a relationship with any real consequence, then a breakup can be cataclysmic and turn your life upside down.”

John Carroll Lynch – Lucky

“He requires from everybody a level of truth and honesty when they act with him. That’s aspirational for most people.”

Daniel Espinosa – Life

“Making a movie is like raising a child. You see all these dreams and aspirations, and hope you have the insight.”

Tom McCarthy – Spotlight

“What I was most fascinated by was the spirit of the journalist and their commitment to finding and revealing the truth.”

Mike Cahill – I, Origins

“Hopefully this film inspires you to look closer into someone’s eyes and think, ‘What if this were possible?'”

Rick Rowley – Dirty Wars

“We’re told the story the administration wants us to hear. We’re getting a tiny sliver of what this war is about.”

Marc Forster – World War Z

“It’s important to understand the film is a companion piece to the book. They both exist in their own right.”