The Girl on the Train

“Isn’t scandalous or outrageously batshit crazy enough to elevate the material it demands.”


“Director Denis Villeneuve isn’t shy about portraying Mexico as an essentially lawless hellhole.”

Edge of Tomorrow

“A mildly satirical, exceedingly clever adventure featuring a likeable performance by Tom Cruise.”

The Five-Year-Engagement

“A shaggy film that fits in the Apatow/Segal/Stoller brand yet feels like a broad romantic comedy.”

Gnomeo & Juliet

“If this finds box-office success, watch out for ‘The Urchin of Venice.'”

The Wolfman

“Can’t decide on being a throwback monster movie or going full-gore for the mainstream.”

The Young Victoria

“Fairly generic when it comes to offering a history lesson, but Emily Blunt gives a mature performance.”

Sunshine Cleaning

“Small strokes of sincerity the film a bittersweet, honest, and well-acted gem.”