On the Basis of Sex

“Plays it as safe as possible. Much too conventional to make a worthwhile impression.”

Rogue One

“A thrilling ‘Star Wars’ movie that dares to be different—for example: no opening crawl and no Jedi.”


“Inoffensive and forgettable. Hope the experience goes by as quickly as possible.”

True Story

“It’s probably good to know as little as possible before watching it unravel piece by piece.”

The Theory of Everything

“Redmayne lends himself entirely to capturing every uncomfortable nuance of Hawking’s being.”

The Invisible Woman

“Their romance never quite hits a fever pitch and the most affecting scenes come as consequences.”


“Give the film credit for livening up the era, but by not saying much it’s really a missed opportunity.”

Like Crazy

“An accurate and sincere relationship drama in many ways…but ultimately unspectacular.”