Ep. 111 – Annihilation, Game Night

This week on The CineSnob Podcast, Cody and Jerrod review “Annihilation” and “Game Night.” The guys are also baffled by James Gunn’s revelation that Baby Groot isn’t Groot reincarnated, but actually Groot’s son. Click here to download the episode!

Game Night

“With sharp jokes, queasy-worthy violence and some nicely timed movie references, the comedy scores.'”

The Gift

“With some more time to polish his resume, director Edgerton could become the Australian Ben Affleck.”

Horrible Bosses 2

“Has no real reason to exist and is less funny and inferior in every way to its predecessor.”

Bad Words

“Hilarious beginning…Has some truly big laughs at the expense of its sheer inappropriateness.”

Identity Thief

“Digs for cheap, lazy laughs rooted in a woman of Melissa McCarthy’s size doing physical acts.”

The Change-Up

“While there are laughs, too many attempts come from things like high-velocity poop.”

The Switch

“Despite a lack of hearty laughs, this is the kind of dramedy where it feels just as good to smile.”

Couples Retreat

“Reads like a fall TV sitcom begging to get axed after six episodes.”


“The majority of the characters are one-trick ponies.”


‘”Hancock’ becomes amateurish in storytelling as it veers off inside the writers’ heads.”