Boy Erased

“Doesn’t simplify its characters. It wants audiences to understand the complexities of the relationships.”


“Definitely has a nasty streak, director but Nash Edgerton and crew fail to make it cut deep enough.”

Red Sparrow

“[It’s] deception and manipulation, even while between the thighs of J-Law, is somewhat of a dull affair.”

It Comes at Night

“[Director] Shults has created a thriller full of mystery, intrigue and slow-burning intensity.”

Black Mass

“Johnny Depp has just enough material to do some interesting things with the character.”

The Gift

“With some more time to polish his resume, director Edgerton could become the Australian Ben Affleck.”

Exodus: Gods and Kings

“You’ll be exhausted after meandering through a snazzed-up version of a story you’ve seen before.”

The Great Gatsby

“Baz Luhrmann promises a grand circus and shows up with some really expensive silly string.”

Zero Dark Thirty

“Outstandingly acted, thoroughly cohesive and profoundly intriguing…Best film of 2012.”