The Nightingale

“Dismisses archetypes and relies on brutal history lessons to expose man’s perpetually destructive nature.”

After the Wedding

“There’s talent in front of the camera, but very little in the firm rings true – even as a glorified soap opera.”

Them That Follow

“Unable to find the emotional hook needed to express extremely personal issues.”

Light of My Life

“Casey Affleck’s ability to keep the nervous, albeit silent, energy consistent is an impressive feat.”

The Upside

“Hart and Cranston produce a few sincere moments…but it’s nowhere near memorable.”

Bohemian Rhapsody

“It’s virtually impossible not to recommend the film based on Rami Malek’s performance alone.”

Beautiful Boy

“An insightful and uplifting father-son story where unconditional love is the real star of the film.”


“Director Lorena Villarreal slaps together a bunch of sci-fi gibberish and hopes for the best.”


“Spiritual successor to Larry Clark’s controversial 1995 indie ‘Kids,’ although not nearly as provocative.”

The Oath

“Might lose focus during the second half of the movie, but lands a good amount of solid gut punches.”

The Hate U Give

“A gut-wrenching wake-up call to an American society pleading with its citizens to stop the cycle of violence.”