Patriots Day

“Director Peter Berg has put together a fantastic ensemble piece that never loosens the screws.”

Deepwater Horizon

“An emotionally surface-level drama, but the overall storytelling is done very well.”

Daddy’s Home

“The satisfying mishmash of broad and dry humor does the trick more often than not.”

Ted 2

“Shines when sticking to the humor, which is just as gross as you would expect from Seth McFarlane.”

Lone Survivor

“Overblown action sequences and ridiculous stunts spell disaster for the film.”

2 Guns

“The successful pairing of Wahlberg and Washington is what makes the film worthwhile.”

Broken City

“Wahlberg and Crowe honestly look unmotivated and bored. Don’t feel bad when you do, too.”


“Seems to understand a feature film needs more substance than a 30-minute TV show can provide.”


“A by-the-numbers heist film that struggles to separate itself from other films of the genre.”

The Other Guys

“Countless misfires make for a subpar ride-a-long in the buddy-cop action sub-genre.”

Date Night

“In the hands of anyone else but Steve Carell and Tina Fey, it could have been disastrous.”