Sex Tape

“Not completely unfunny, but the over-reliance on gross-out sexual humor is its ultimate downfall.”


“Frontloads the laughs while setting the story in motion, only to sputter near the end.”

Muppets Most Wanted

“While the laughs are there and the songs are solid…it feels much less satisfying.”

The Five-Year-Engagement

“A shaggy film that fits in the Apatow/Segal/Stoller brand yet feels like a broad romantic comedy.”

The Muppets

“In many ways, the film is both a charming return to form and a surprising letdown.”

Get Him to the Greek

“A riotous, side-splitting road-trip…takes the rock star lifestyle into extreme territory.”

Yes Man

“Everything is just so random at times even the quirky chemistry between [Jim] Carrey and [Zooey] Deschanel…gets lost.”