“Zach Galifianakis’ affectations only distract from the okay-enough humor on display.”

Inherent Vice

“An off-tempo mess. It’s highly inspired, but author Pynchon is in Anderson’s head and it shows.”

The Internship

“For a film that boasts bankable comedic talent, it really struggles to find consistent laughs.”

Cars 2

“Uninspired, witless, and convoluted…easily the weakest entry into the Pixar catalog.”

Midnight in Paris

“A smartly-written romantic comedy fit with a charming little time-traveling storyline.”

Marley & Me

“You’d have to have a heart made of rawhide not to feel a tad gushy while watching ‘Marley & Me.'”

Drillbit Taylor

“This is the type of character where Wilson should flourish, but [he’s] heaved into a clutter of implausible personas and loopy writing.”