Ant Man

“Fun and funny at times, but the lumpiness of the rewrites, clashes of tone rob the film.”

Anchorman 2

“Moreso than the first go-round, the sequel has a definite satirical edge.”

This is 40

“The film belongs to Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann who turn already funny lines into hilarious one-liners.”


“Funny more often than not…A mostly enjoyable film that stops just shy of wearing out its welcome.”

Dinner for Schmucks

“Makes the hilariously daft ‘Dumb and Dumber’ feel like a thinking-man’s movie.”

Year One

“Primitive…relies on cheap and childish jokes and unmemorable one-liners.”

I Love You, Man

“One of the recent comedies defined by their quality mix of vulgarity and heart.”

Role Models

“More entertaining than your run-of-the-mill R-rated shtick.”

Over Her Dead Body

“Playing like a supernatural novela, ‘Dead Body’ is dead on arrival.”