The Avengers

“Watching Thor’s hammer slam down onto Captain America’s shield is the stuff of epic wonder.”

Due Date

“A dim-witted road trip…that wants to be both stupid and sincere all in the same breath.”

Iron Man 2

“It works well with enough action sequences, fight scenes and some interesting characters.”

Sherlock Holmes

“Amped up for a new generation, the storyline is more soupy that scholarly.”

The Soloist

“The narrative should have stayed inside its original newspaper columns.”

Tropic Thunder

“When [Robert] Downey Jr. is on screen is when ‘Tropic Thunder’ is its best.”

Iron Man

“Downey Jr. takes control of this entire prelude from start to finish.”

Charlie Bartlett

“Stays away from shallow stereotypes [but] really can’t decide what type of film it wants to be.”