Daddy’s Home

“The satisfying mishmash of broad and dry humor does the trick more often than not.”

Get Hard

“There are a few good laughs, but there’s also a weird discomfort to the whole thing.”

Anchorman 2

“Moreso than the first go-round, the sequel has a definite satirical edge.”

The Campaign

“Pitting two comedic heavyweights against one another pays off in predictably humorous fashion.”

The Other Guys

“Countless misfires make for a subpar ride-a-long in the buddy-cop action sub-genre.”

Land of the Lost

“The jokes fall embarrassingly flat…sure to be one of the worst films of the year.”

Step Brothers

“Once you get past all the horseplay and back to the short and offensive dialogue, there is some fun to be had with Ferrell and Reilly.”


“Ferrell throws his fair share of temper tantrums [but] none of them are as…entertaining as [he] would like you to believe.”