“Zach Galifianakis’ affectations only distract from the okay-enough humor on display.”

The Hangover Part III

“To say it isn’t funny is a true statement, but for the first hour it really isn’t trying to be.”

The Campaign

“Pitting two comedic heavyweights against one another pays off in predictably humorous fashion.”

The Hangover Part II

“Will indulge fans who are fine with the same jokes and set-ups of the original movie.”

Due Date

“A dim-witted road trip…that wants to be both stupid and sincere all in the same breath.”

Dinner for Schmucks

“Makes the hilariously daft ‘Dumb and Dumber’ feel like a thinking-man’s movie.”

Youth in Revolt

“Identity crisis works well as [Cera’s] battling personalities match wits.”


“A pointless script that relies on stale pop-culture references kids won’t understand.”

The Hangover

“Leading men keep the raunchy comedy from going into Tom Green-mode.”