Starring: Willem Dafoe and Charlotte Gainsbourg
Directed by: Lars Von Trier (“Dogville”)
Written by: Lars Von Trier (“Dancer in the Dark”)

Between the immaculate photography and unsettling performances by Williem Dafoe and Charlotte Gainsbourg, controversial filmmaker Lars Von Trier is a shocking tale of emotional-numbing agony. In “Antichrist,” Dafoe and Gainsbourg play a married couple (only known as He and She in the credits) who immerse themselves into the wilderness after their baby dies tragically. In the forest, which they call Eden, the couple must come to terms with their loss as Gainsbourg’s character slowly falls into madness (her parallels between sex and violence are jolting). While the visuals are vivid and beautiful (and at times sick and shocking), Von Trier delivers what could be best described as a curiosity piece. He’s definitely a filmmaker with a unique view, but one that has missed the mark here when looking for a way to combine his aesthetic with his sensationalism.

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