Starring: Maynard James Keenan, Eric Glomski, Milla Jovovich
Directed by: Christopher Pomerenke (“The Heart is a Drum Machine”) and Ryan Page (debut)

While most wine connoisseurs might think twice about drinking a glass of Cabernet made by a musician who is famous for singing the lyrics to such songs as “Stinkfist,” “Ticks and Leeches,” and “Hooker with a Penis,” Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan is doing everything he can to dispel his rock star persona in preference of his new winemaking passion. In the documentary “Blood into Wine,” filmmakers Christopher Pomerenke and Ryan Page follow Keenan through the winemaking process in Arizona where he owns a winery and vineyard.

“Blood into Wine” isn’t a story about some rich, entitled celebrity with so much time on his hands that he decided to bottle some wine one day and peddle it for profit. Realizing he is in the twilight of his full-time performance career, Keenan is now dedicating himself to a new venture that will make him equally as happy as when he is on stage.

“I don’t necessarily want to scream my whole life,” Maynard says during the film to describe one of the reasons making wine will soon define him as a person.

Through funny, inspiring, educational and sometimes emotional interviews with historians, wine makers, music fans, Hollywood stars, and Maynard himself, Pomerenke and Page have taken the complexity of the winemaking industry and eliminated the stereotypical snobbery associated with the process.

“Blood into Wine” is a solid and well-researched documentary for both lovers of wine and Keenan. We’re not certain what a diverse party like that would actually look like, but if it is anywhere as entertaining as “Blood into Wine” take down our RSVP now before someone makes a toast.

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