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Congrats to all ‘Wild Things’ art contest winners!

Congrats to all ‘Wild Things’ art contest winners!

A "Wild Things" masterpiece by Emilio, Lani, and Leila Torres.

Congratulations to all the winners of the CineSnob.net “Where the Wild Things Are” art contest. I received some really creative work from a lot of kids and adults. Tickets should be in your email (check your Junk folder!) by the time you read this. I look forward to seeing all of you Monday night at the screening. I’d love to meet some of the artists, so say hello if you get a chance. Here are some of the winners above and below:

Samantha Perez

Burgundy Ochoa

Alberto Moreno

Cecilia Luna

Barbara Emilienburg’s granddaughter

Luis Navarrete

Ralph Edwards

Yolanda Buentello

Alexis Garcia

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