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In this week’s episode of The CineSnob Podcast, the guys review “22 Jump Street.” They also discuss the “Dumb and Dumber To” trailer and their opinions of long spans between a movie and a sequel, the 20th anniversary of the Mighty Ducks Trilogy and their favorite sports movies as kids, and they give their top 3 best TV-to-film adaptations.

[0:00-11:11] Discussion of the Dumb and Dumber To trailer and opinions on long-awaited sequels
[11:11-21:15] A mostly disastrous conversation of the Mighty Ducks franchise and favorite sports movies as kids
[21:15-32:55] 22 Jump Street
[32:55-45:19] 22 Jump Street Spoiler Talk
[45:19-46:57] 22 Jump Street Wrap-Up
[46:56-1:13:15] List List, Bang Bang: Top 3 TV-to-Film Adaptations
[1:13:15-1:16:20] Teases for next week and close

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  1. Great 4th episode guys! “It’s all Full House and Mighty Ducks to Cody.” Genius Jerrod, genius. And props to Cody for the “MacGruber” defense. I thought I was the only one who really liked that movie. You guys just keep getting better and better with each show. Keep it up!

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