Fernanda Romero might only have a small cameo role in Sam Raimi’s new film “Drag Me to Hell,” but the 26-year-old actress originally from Mexico City says she could get used to horror movies if given the chance.

Coming off roles in “The Eye” with Jessica Alba and “The Burning Plain” with Charlize Theron, Romero is focused more than ever on her acting career. During a quick interview, she talked to me about the horror genre and what scares her in real life.

What was it like to meet Adriana Barraza, a Latina actress who has been nominated for an Oscar?

Actually, what is funny is that one of the first jobs that I got acting, Adriana was my teacher. It was really great that we were sharing credits in this movie.  It was really exciting. She is amazing. She would be so tough on me. I was so proud of her. I was very fortunate when she was my teacher.

Were you familiar with Sam Raimi’s other horror films like “Evil Dead?”

I knew he started in the horror. It was very special for him. This was a very special project. I was just so happy to meet him and see how he worked.

Are horror movies something that you like doing?

It’s a genre that I like. I like thrillers and suspense. I like being scared. For me it’s the psychological stuff that I really like.

When it comes to horror movies, what actually scares you?

Real stuff. Stuff that could actually happen. Monsters and all that kind of stuff doesn’t really scare me. Like “My Bloody Valentine,” I liked that because it was suspenseful.

Do you remember any scary stories you were told as a child in Mexico?

La llorona! Yeah, I’m scared of that stuff. That was a really popular legend here in Mexico.

Are you familiar with brujerias?

Oh, that’s horrible. I don’t like that stuff. I wouldn’t want to mess with any of that.

Are you still finding time to model or are you concentrating on only acting?

Right now I’m focused on acting. When a modeling job comes and I can do it then yes I will do it but right now my priority is acting and movies.

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