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Génesis Rodríguez – Big Hero 6

Génesis Rodríguez – Big Hero 6

Actress Genesis Rodriguez in studio lending her voice to the character Honey Lemon, a quirky chemistry whiz, in the new Walt Disney animated film "Big Hero 6."

As the quirky chemistry whiz Honey Lemon, one of the six superheroes at the center of the new Walt Disney animated film “Big Hero 6,” actress Génesis Rodríguez is excited to be a part of the Marvel Universe. In the film, Honey Lemon joins up with a team of university student scientists – and a fluffy robot named Baymax – to uncover the identity of a supervillain threatening the city of San Fransokyo. During an interview with me at the Walt Disney Animation Studios in Hollywood a few weeks ago, I spoke with Rodríguez about the inspiration for her character and the sort of “Big Hero 6” collectables she’s hoping to get her hands on very soon.

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