When is marriage most like war?

For actress Megyn Price and her husband Eddie, there has never been much of a battle.

“I’m married to my best friend, so it’s completely fun,” said Price, 39, who stars in the TV sitcom “Rules of Engagement.” “Do we have disagreements? I guess, sometimes, but they’re not marriage threatening. I think you just have to marry the right person and then it’s pretty easy.”

On “Rules of Engagement,” which is currently airing new episodes of its fourth season every Monday at 7:30 p.m. on CBS, Price plays Audrey Bingham, the better half of the long-suffering marriage she shares with her hubby Jeff (Patrick Warburton).

During a phone interview with me, Price talked about what she thinks makes the show so popular and how having a baby makes being married all the more fun.

What do you think it is about “Rules of Engagement” that keeps audiences coming back for more?

It’s always about the writing, but I feel like this show has always had something for everyone from the very beginning. It’s been one of those shows that everyone can identify with. It’s about people at every phase in their lives. It’s also very funny and I think people like to laugh.

Do people ever come up to you and ask for marriage advice because you are on a show like this?

Given my character’s marriage, I don’t think anyone wants advice from me. (Laughs) I think generally people say, ‘That’s exactly like my marriage.’ I think people see a lot of similarities. I think our writers have an eye for the realness of the relationships rather than just the jokes. There are times when I turn on the TV and think, ‘Oh that couple would never be married in real life. If you talked to your wife the way that person talked to his wife, you’d be out the door. I think our writers have a good way of balancing the humor and the reality of relationship.

Are there any similarities between your real marriage and your TV marriage?

The answer is no. (Laughs) People think I must have that kind of relationship with my husband, but I don’t. I have it with some of my friends. I have it with some of my siblings. I feel Audrey and Jeff’s relationship is so brother-sister it’s frightening. The one thing I can say that is similar is that I get a total kick out of my husband when he is being insane. When his logic does not match my logic I find it absolutely hilarious, which I think is definitely part of the Jeff and Audrey relationship that I love. Why else would she be married to him if she didn’t get a kick out of him?

How long have you been married?

Oh, gosh, how long has it been? Close to nine years.

If you and your husband do ever argue, can you admit when your wrong?

I pretty much assume that I am wrong. I know that my brain doesn’t work that well. (Laughs) I know when I’ve crossed the line in one way or another. I am very quick to admit when I am wrong.

How does having a baby change the dynamics of marriage?

It makes it even funnier than ever before. I have a hilarious two year old. I think in many ways it solidifies our marriage. We definitely know we’re in it forever. It’s really very cool to be part of a team raising this crazy little girl. It definitely has made us a lot like little children. At first, I thought it was going to make us old people, but it’s made us these semi-retarded little kids. We love discovering these crazy fun things that exist now for kids. We didn’t have some of these things kids have now. We had Play-Doh and a box of Legos.

Is there anything you miss about being single?

I miss the shoes of single life. I feel like I wore all my big-girl shoes when I was single But I don’t wear mom shoes either. I wear pretty shoes, but I don’t do the 4½-inch heels anymore.

The show is produced by Adam Sandler. Does he ever come on set to see how things are going?

He comes in and watches our show from time to time. I happen to think that Adam Sandler is a brilliant actor. I know everyone thinks he is this great comedian, but did you see “Spanglish?”

Yeah, “Spanglish” is great. The last movie I actually saw him in was “Funny People.”

Yeah, he’s such a great actor that when he comes to the set, I get nervous. I get nervous because I have so much respect for him. He is such a kind and loyal person. He is very honest. I’m proud to work for him.

I actually like him in his dramatic roles more. I loved him in “Punch-Drunk Love.”

Yeah, I totally agree with you. I told him that and he gets totally embarrassed. He’s the most self-deprecating person. There’s no ego. He’s all about making the project the best it can be.

How would you describe your sense of humor? What makes you laugh?

Everything makes me laugh. I think I’m the easiest laugher on the planet. People in L.A. who think they are very, very important are funny. Those people who are completely frustrated and acting completely entitled. I think it’s the funniest thing. I think people in this city make me laugh more than anything else. I love what I do, but I refuse to get wrapped up in the nonsense.

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  1. I saw the interview with Megan on “The Talk.” During that interview she expressed her desire to move into the area of directing.

    I have a screenplay that is looking for a director.

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