Thank you to everyone who participated in the “New Moon” contest for tickets to the special screening of the movie next week. I got quite a few entries and many of them were very creative! If you were a winner, you should have already received an email from me. Again, thanks to everyone for being such great sports. Usually, I’ll just do a trivia question or ticket giveaway, but if the movie is in high demand and I only have a few tickets (like in this instance), I’d rather figure out a fun and fair way to give them out to whoever wants them the most.

Below I have posted some of my favorite photos of the Edward Cullen Look-A-Likes that came in over the last couple of weeks:

Tristan “Cullen” submitted by Emily Yantes

Submitted by Eric Lopez

Christian Herrera submitted by Laura and Carlos Herrera

Submitted by Santiago Campa

Submitted by Samantha Perez

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