Starring: Tobin Bell, Costas Mandylor, Mark Rolston
Directed by: Kevin Greutert (debut)
Written by: Marcus Dunstan (“Saw V”) and Patrick Melton (“Saw V”)

The “Saw” horror franchise has done a lot worse than this sixth installment, but not by much. Here, the intricate killer known as Jigsaw (or one of his minions since actually he’s dead) straps on the torture devices to the people that have gotten us into the economic mess we currently find ourselves in: predatory lenders, healthcare companies, etc. It a political angle none of the other films took, but doesn’t necessarily make it smarter. But these are “Saw” films so it’s not so much about the level of fear you will feel as much as how grossed out you will get watching someone rip their own flesh from their stomach. From that perspective, “Saw VI” is fairly sickening. Diehard fans of the franchise will get their yearly fix. Everyone else will yawn at the sameness.

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