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Yolande Moreau and Ulrich Tukur star in the award-winning French film "Séraphine."

Starring: Yolande Moreau, Ulrich Tukur, Anne Bennent
Directed by: Martin Provost (“Le ventre de Juliette”)
Written by: Martin Provost (“Le ventre de Juliette”) and Marc Abdelnour (“Le ventre de Juliette”)

While director Martin Provost’s award-winning French film “Séraphine” can be terribly sluggish at times, actress Yolande Moreau’s performance as the imaginative and mentally-ill title housekeeper-turned-artist with a true passion for painting is inspired work. As a fascinating lesson in art history, “Seraphine” is an art-house film that is demanding of its audience but one that should be admired, especially by those who have never heard of the French artist before.

Grade: B

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