“Takes the research and backroom politics of investigative journalism and turns it into an art form.”

The Night Before

“Messy and scattershot. Makes too little sense and has too few laughs to bail it out.”


“Take away all of the unnecessary plot contrivances, sex, women, fast cars and guns and nothing remains.”

The Peanuts Movie

“Good grief, they got it right. Evokes everything that has made Peanuts a cultural touchstone for 65 years.”


“Spends a chunk of time in hero worship mode, almost as if it is trying to protect the legacy of Rather.”

Steve Jobs

“It might be Michael Fassbender’s symphony, but Aaron Sorkin’s the maestro of the entire suite.”

Bridge of Spies

“Asks timely questions about how the U.S. has handled war criminals throughout history, but never preaches.”

Crimson Peak

“Any horror elements, mostly taking place in the form of ghosts, feel like a complete afterthought.”


“Though frenetic and paper-thin at times, the film comes alive when the monsters do.”

The Walk

“Feels like rejected Disney material, complete with a lame meet-cute and stereotypical imagery.”

The Martian

“The total cinematic package – humorous, gripping, intelligent and extremely entertaining.”


“Director Denis Villeneuve isn’t shy about portraying Mexico as an essentially lawless hellhole.”