American Made

“Aspires for the breezy, comedy-drama feel of ‘The Big Short’ and ends up mostly succeeding.”


“A touching look at a personal fight for survival and how heroism is viewed during a national tragedy.”

Battle of the Sexes

“More interested in telling a lustful love story than it is talking about equality, gender gaps or even tennis.”


“Cinematic version of sleep paralysis. Aronofsky has embraced his chaotic narrative without remorse.”


“Eerie…Images are striking and individual moments are uniquely scary despite a familiar formula.”

Home Again

“Meyers-Shyer, daughter of directors Nancy Meyers and Charles Shyer, isn’t far off from her mother’s output.”

Patti Cake$

“Macdonald is the most consistent element and elevates the storytelling through her likable persona.”

Brigsby Bear

“An off-beat and surprisingly moving first film starring/co-written by ‘SNL’ performer/scribe Kyle Mooney.”


“A very humanistic story about not just the strive for excellence, but breaking cycles.”


“Needed to be a little more enlightening to capture the full essence of what we’re witnessing.”

Atomic Blonde

“There’s a great ballet of carnage on display, but the remainder of the film is so painfully out of tune.”