Leave No Trace

“Granik has captured an authentic dynamic between two characters who find themselves at an impasse.”


“Inoffensive and forgettable. Hope the experience goes by as quickly as possible.”

Hell or High Water

“Takes a rudimentary bank robbing plotline and elevates it to truly special heights.”


“Takes a video game with a paper-thin premise and attempts to craft a low-rent ‘Lord of the Rings.'”


“An intense character study of a corrupt LAPD cop…that neglects the narrative angle of the screenplay.”


“A by-the-numbers heist film that struggles to separate itself from other films of the genre.”

The Mechanic

“A high-energy popcorn flick that feels like it was pulled straight out of the 70s.”

The Messenger

“Powerful…Literally brings the harsh realities of war to your front door.”