Jupiter Ascending

“Channing Tatum ‘skating’ through mid-air…is funny every time it happens, which is a lot.”


“Somber and unquestionably dark, yet it is slow moving to the point of feeling labored and cold.”

The Book of Life

“The movie is filler, which is a shame because the production design is strikingly unique.”

22 Jump Street

“A near-masterpiece of subversion. A brilliant, hilarious deconstruction of just what a sequel is made of.”

White House Down

“Sputters out of the gate. We’ve seen it all before…and it was more fun the first time around.”

Magic Mike

“Evokes ‘Boogie Nights’ without the pathos, reveling in a theatrical form of sexual entertainment.”

21 Jump Street

“Filmmakers toss all logic aside, don’t overdo the nostalgia, and simply have fun with it.”

The Vow

“Although it occasionally comes off as sincere, the story is too schmaltzy. It’s a lazy effort.”

The Eagle

“With a lifeless leading man, the production feels like a charade in Roman warfare.”

Dear John

“Plays the sympathy card for the final half-hour and unfortunately turn the film into a mess.”