Re: MCU – Ep. 2 – The Incredible Hulk

In this episode of Re: MCU, Cody and Jerrod from discuss the mostly forgotten and least essential movie of the Marvel Cinematic Universe: THE INCREDIBLE HULK, starring Edward Norton.

Isle of Dogs

“Fans of Anderson’s idiosyncratic work will enjoy the wonderful world of wagging tails he has created.”

The Grand Budapest Hotel

“Continues to elevate Wes Anderson’s filmmaking charm and spark more artistic inspiration.”

The Bourne Legacy

“Gone is the kinetic, handheld camera feel of the series, and with it most of the excitement.”

Moonrise Kingdom

“A good film and a worthy entry into Anderson’s catalog, but it feels more like a summer fling.”

Pride and Glory

“Director Gavin O’Connor’s stock answer for the crime-drama genre.”

The Incredible Hulk

“Feels like a brittle stepping stone for the bigger picture at Marvel.”