The Lego Movie 2

“Doesn’t quite stack up to the original, but it’s still light years better than most animated films.”

Power Rangers

“Before they get to ride in their giant robot dinosaurs, we have to suffer through plodding training montages.”

Pitch Perfect 2

“A pure, unadulterated blast. The first legitimately great film of the summer movie season.”

Love & Mercy

“A poignant drama anchored by a pair of performances that interchange with remarkable fluidity.”

The Hunger Games

“A perfectly cast Jennifer Lawrence in the lead role makes up for a lot of the film’s problem areas.”

Man on a Ledge

“There are certainly worse movies, but the film is overall stifled by its lack of originality and corniness.”

The Uninvited

“Cheats the audience out of what should have been a supernatural indulgence.”

Role Models

“More entertaining than your run-of-the-mill R-rated shtick.”


“A candid and scrappy political drama laced with some comedic moments.”

Meet Dave

“[Eddie] Murphy spreads it on thick. It becomes a problem when the script turns out to be so lanky.”