“Feels extremely one-sided and doesn’t allow audiences to make their own decision.”

The Night Before

“Messy and scattershot. Makes too little sense and has too few laughs to bail it out.”

The Walk

“Feels like rejected Disney material, complete with a lame meet-cute and stereotypical imagery.”

Don Jon

“A flawed yet jaunty adult-themed comedy that puts the spotlight on male sexuality.”

Premium Rush

“Rides hard, but without much direction. The whole thing plays out like a caffeinated cartoon.”


“The humor might not connect consistently, but the cancer comedy is a minor triumph.”


“An intricate offering…that is as frustrating as it is awe-inspiring.”

500 Days of Summer

“A rousing take on the most appealing and maddening factors in a relationship.”

Stop Loss

“An interesting story touted in a most uninteresting way…a sluggish foot chase mended together by Hollywood.”