Vox Lux

“Director Brady Corbet means to say something contentious about the culture of celebrity.”

Ep. 111 – Annihilation, Game Night

This week on The CineSnob Podcast, Cody and Jerrod review “Annihilation” and “Game Night.” The guys are also baffled by James Gunn’s revelation that Baby Groot isn’t Groot reincarnated, but actually Groot’s son. Click here to download the episode!


“Begins and ends with Natalie Portman’s powerful performance, as she masks her pain with poise.”

Knight of Cups

“A concert for the soul and the senses and latest reminder of how very desperately we need Malick.”

Thor: The Dark World

“Director Alan Taylor does a fine job expanding Thor’s home world, but now the character is more obtuse.”

Your Highness

“Doesn’t pretend to be anything more than a sloppy dish of vulgarity.”

No Strings Attached

“Unfortunate…a rom-com that mistakes a little fun between the sheets with edge.”

Black Swan

“A hypnotic, psycho-sexual thriller that plays like high-art horror.”


“Sometimes the intensity works, but overall a number of scenes feel disjointed.”

The Other Boleyn Girl

“Evolve into a film less historically savvy and more melodramatic and unreal.”