Ep. 145 – Little Women, Uncut Gems

Merry Christmas from The CineSnob Podcast! Let Cody and Jerrod stuff your stocking with reviews of “Little Women” and “Uncut Gems.” Click here to download the episode!

Mary, Queen of Scots

“Overlook the sluggish narrative, and it has a lot to say about the rise of women in a male-dominated world.”

The Seagull

“A fleeting 98-minute stopover with a cast of particularly grating characters.”

On Chesil Beach

“The most pitiful virgins in movie history since Jason Biggs humped pastry in ‘American Pie.'”

Lady Bird

“There is life behind the universal themes Gerwig explores with her own sense of wide-eyed wonderment.”

The Grand Budapest Hotel

“Continues to elevate Wes Anderson’s filmmaking charm and spark more artistic inspiration.”

The Lovely Bones

“An intriguing first act…but ultimately as pretty and flat as a watercolor painting.”

City of Ember

“It might be good enough for water park ride enthusiasts, but not for someone who wants a little more spirited adventure.”