Ep. 146 – Top 10 of 2019 & Top 10 of the decade

On this year- and decade-ending mega-sized episode of The CineSnob Podcast, Cody and Jerrod run down their top ten movies of 2019, and dig into the archives to compare their top ten films of the 2010s! Click here to download the episode!

White Material

“The despairing tone is remarkable, as is Huppert’s understated performance.”

Barney’s Version

“There’s something uplifting about Barney’s stubbornness and refusal to conform.”

The Illusionist

“Another example of director Chomet’s precision to detail and eye for elegance.”

Another Year

“Mike Leigh’s simple and bittersweet narrative wears its heart on its sleeve.”


“Director Iñárritu has muddled depressing idea after idea with what he believes to be craftiness.”

Made in Dagenham

“Needs to be nudged away from the melodramatic elements it uses as a crutch.”

Rabbit Hole

“Captures a mother’s anguish and also fleshes out sensitivity, bitterness, and humor.”

Blue Valentine

“Emphasizes the dysfunctional interaction between its emotionally depleted characters.”

The King’s Speech

“Colin Firth is mesmerizing…brings to life this fascinating footnote in British history.”

True Grit

“Coen brothers give own version of dusty, old-fashioned western with such craftsmanship.”

Black Swan

“A hypnotic, psycho-sexual thriller that plays like high-art horror.”