Ep. 146 – Top 10 of 2019 & Top 10 of the decade

On this year- and decade-ending mega-sized episode of The CineSnob Podcast, Cody and Jerrod run down their top ten movies of 2019, and dig into the archives to compare their top ten films of the 2010s! Click here to download the episode!

La La Land

“An adorable, choreographed-to-a-fault work of art. Stone and Gosling light up every scene.”


“Tender, sincere and will definitely be a hard watch for anyone who has ever lost a child or parent.”


“Incredible performances, which is reason enough to forgive the film’s shortcomings.”


“Begins and ends with Natalie Portman’s powerful performance, as she masks her pain with poise.”

Manchester by the Sea

“There’s a certain pain in Casey Affleck’s face that is visible in almost every scene.”


“All three actors who portray the main character bring a unique innocence that is palpable.”

Doctor Strange

“At times feels plodding, hasty, [but] perks up when it finally gives way to a special effects bonanza.”


“Exciting to get an animated movie that captures some of the delightful aspects of the musical genre.”


“Inoffensive and forgettable. Hope the experience goes by as quickly as possible.”

Ouija: Origin of Evil

“In spite of the previous effort and the fact it’s based on a board game…it’s actually not too bad.”

The Accountant

“A really solid Ben Affleck performance and is actually quite gripping in moments.”