The Girl on the Train

“Isn’t scandalous or outrageously batshit crazy enough to elevate the material it demands.”

Deepwater Horizon

“An emotionally surface-level drama, but the overall storytelling is done very well.”


“Zach Galifianakis’ affectations only distract from the okay-enough humor on display.”

The Magnificent Seven

“A pop-culture western. It’s been a while since a western was played as an action movie.”


“Feels extremely one-sided and doesn’t allow audiences to make their own decision.”

Bridget Jones’s Baby

“Cheery and charming. This sequel definitely takes a step up from where Bridget left off.”

Blair Witch

“Ideas [are] brought up and abandoned too quickly; mythology never gets expanded upon.”


“A well-performed, acceptable tale of American heroism, despite Eastwood’s complete lack of subtlety.”

The Light Between Oceans

“Bathed in exquisitely aching restraint and soul-rending inner turmoil, its potboiler escapist theater.”

Yoga Hosers

“What the hell happened to Kevin Smith and his ability to tell a funny story on a movie screen?”

Southside with You

“Brims with smartly-written conversations and subtly funny moments.”