Ep. 129 – Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood, The Farewell

] The CineSnob Podcast returns with reviews of the latest Quentin Tarantino movie “Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood” and “The Farewell.” Cody and Jerrod also discuss dynamic ticket pricing and Marvel’s Phase 4. Click here to download the episode!

The Wolf of Wall Street

“Director Martin Scorsese slips into this filmmaking style like it’s a well-worn shoe.”

The Great Gatsby

“Baz Luhrmann promises a grand circus and shows up with some really expensive silly string.”

Django Unchained

“A sharply-written spectacle masked as a spaghetti western. Sergio Leone would be proud, traumatized.”


“An intricate offering…that is as frustrating as it is awe-inspiring.”

Shutter Island

“The twist and turns might be sharp, but that doesn’t make them any less dull.”

Revolutionary Road

“Small town suburbia becomes a story of psychological survival between two self-delusional lovers backed into a corner.”

Body of Lies

“Sreenwriter Monahan manages to scramble second-rate political jargon into [a] talky action film.”