He might be a lifelong Los Angeles Lakers fan, but comedian George Lopez can appreciate a team that has made it to the NBA playoffs 17 straight times.

“I wouldn’t bet against [the Spurs] this year,” Lopez, 53, told me during a phone interview this past week to promote his upcoming stand-up comedy performances at the Majestic Theater Oct. 24-26.

Despite the rivalry between the Spurs and Lakers, which peaked in the late 90s and early 00s, Lopez doesn’t have any ill will toward the Spurs at all. He says he’s a fan of sound basketball no matter who is playing against his beloved Lakers.

“Hatred towards another team is unnecessary,” Lopez said. “You have to appreciate that maybe some of the best players aren’t on your team. You can admire them.”

Some of those players on current and past Spurs’ rosters, Lopez mentions, include Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Sean Elliott and Bruce Bowen.

“I always enjoyed watching those guys play,” Lopez said. “In these times when there are fewer great players, I think you should enjoy seeing Tim play whether he plays for your team or not.”

As for the 2014 NBA Championship, Lopez was all about the silver and black.

“I was rooting for San Antonio to beat Miami because I don’t like when you put a team together [like Miami] did,” Lopez said. “San Antonio and Coach [Pop] put a team together the way coaches did it the first time anyone played basketball. You do it by playing team, fundamental, solid basketball. That beats flash every time. [San Antonio] wore them down.”

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