5 Flights Up

“Says nothing of importance…a giant waste of time for its two talented leads.”


“Feels like a cut-rate European B-movie with some big Hollywood stars slumming for the paycheck.”


“A sci-fi movie that over-thinks its mythology and ends up forcing the viewer right out of the story.”

Olympus Has Fallen

“Let the testosterone and jingoism of a political action film just wash over you.”

The Dark Knight Rises

“Feels epic…but this final chapter doesn’t necessarily reach its full potential.”

Dolphin Tale

“The movie slows to a crawl, stretching the story and the audience’s patience.”


“Script maintains a playful tone and rarely takes shortcuts by harping on the obvious.”


“Captures the essence of Nelson Mandela’s political achievement and activism.”

The Dark Knight

“An immensely dim and entertaining crime drama masked as a superhero movie.”


“Visual escapism at its most hyperactive.”

The Bucket List

“Not even cinematic cornerstones like Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman can save a film without enough substance.”